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i am currently sharing food pictures from Belize and travels in Latin America.... i hope you enjoy!
i have started this blog with a number of ideas in mind. i love to cook, bake, and otherwise play with food, so i thought sharing what i do might be fun. i am also going to use this as a means of recording the various dishes that i do come up with. i try to use all organic and as much local food as possible, and i am vegetarian, although a fish dish or two may pop up on here at some point along the way. i'll try to describe what i do to make the food, but if you want a recipe, email me at cocinadooglasATgmailDOTcom. i will also offer up some restaurant reviews from time to time, and share food that i eat on my travels. otherwise, enjoy, and make some food!!!

oh yeah... i like beer too!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beer in Tampa Bay: Dogfish Head World Wide Stout

Another Dogfish Head treat to share - this time around it's the World Wide Stout - a crazy dark 18%+ stout from one of the coolest breweries on the planet. I am so happy to be able to buy their beer down here in Florida. It poured nearly black to a medium head that dissipated quickly, but still held a nice laciness on top throughout the drinking. As expected with such a high alcohol stout, the initial taste is of the sweet sweet barley. The sweet gives way quickly though, to complex flavors of slight smoke, a little caramel, maybe even some molasses and what I think tastes like cherries in there too. The warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach betrayed the high alcohol content which was surprisingly absent from the taste. For a single twelve oz bottle I paid $9, but after trying it out, it won't be the last one that I drink. Cheers to Dogfish Head for giving us such interesting and yummy brews to keep us warm (even in steamy hot Floriday) and happy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Beer in Tampa Bay: Humidor Series Ale from Cigar City

Living in the Tampa Bay area has recently gotten a whole lot better with the addition of Cigar City Brewing and their numerous unique ales. A bit hard to find, and only available in large bottles (and on tap at some area bars), Cigar City's brews have been well worth the search. While picking up some lunch at an Italian market in St Petersburg, I spotted a variety I have yet to see or try: the Humidor Series Ale. This is the first bottled edition of what is to be a rotating series of beer that will be aged in special (and rare) cedar-wood tanks. From Cigar City's website:
Cedar has a more subtle effect on beer than more traditional woods like oak. But, we think that once you taste it you'll agree that cedar deserves a place along side oak in the brewer's wood-aging toolbox. Humidor series beers will vary due to style, but are always a good option for pairing with a fine cigar.
This first edition to the series takes their Jai Alai India Pale Ale (7.5% ABV) and puts it in that special cedar tank. What can I say but yummmm!
The beer poured to a nice big head that was easily resurrected with a simple swirl of my glass once I began drinking. The Jai Alai is a hoppy IPA with notes of citrus that mixed and mingled surprisingly well with the hints of cedar culled from the tank. The floral aroma and initial mouth feel bring on the taste of an IPA, and then the cedar slides in and mellows it all out. This is a really nice beer made unique by the cedar casking - highly recommended!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Beer in Tampa Bay: Immort Ale by Dogfish Head

As may be noticed, posts on my unique kitchen creations have been lacking for a while now, and I must admit that I have struggled to put much effort into my meals these days. One thing I have continued though is drinking beer. And after all, I figure beer does resided in the kitchen! When I first moved to the Tampa Bay area 5 years ago, I was shocked at how poor the beer selection was here - especially coming from the beer mecca of Philadelphia. Lucky for me (and all the other beer fans in the area), things have picked up down here in America's wang. Along with the increased variety, I have even commenced my first attempt at brewing: a nut brown ale about which I will post soon. So, the point of this little diatribe? I've decided to share some of the beers that I've been able to enjoy down here, along with some of the places from whence they have come. In other words: a little Tampa Bay Beer Love...

And so... first to be shared?

Dogfish Head Immort Ale
What we have here is a twelve oz bottle of 11% abv (alcohol by volume) goodness.
I first drank this with a few friends, and most of them didn't really like it, and I have to admit it does have a 'unique' taste when it first enters your mouth. Still, there was something interesting there, so I had another, and that's when I realized how unique - ly good this beer really is. It pours to a nice creamy head that lingers throughout the drinking. The label tells of the maple, vanilla, and oak notes of the beer, and strangely, each of these tastes boldly linger until the nice smooth finish after you swallow. At first taste, I felt like I was drinking a sweeter beer - similar to a barley wine perhaps - but it finishes so smooth and almost light, it becomes a highly drinkable high-alcohol beer. In fact, I liked it so much I had to go out and buy myself another 4-pack. If you enjoy beers that are a bit unique, go get yourself one of these tasty brews from one of my favorite breweries in the country these days.