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i am currently sharing food pictures from Belize and travels in Latin America.... i hope you enjoy!
i have started this blog with a number of ideas in mind. i love to cook, bake, and otherwise play with food, so i thought sharing what i do might be fun. i am also going to use this as a means of recording the various dishes that i do come up with. i try to use all organic and as much local food as possible, and i am vegetarian, although a fish dish or two may pop up on here at some point along the way. i'll try to describe what i do to make the food, but if you want a recipe, email me at cocinadooglasATgmailDOTcom. i will also offer up some restaurant reviews from time to time, and share food that i eat on my travels. otherwise, enjoy, and make some food!!!

oh yeah... i like beer too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Healing in the Kitchen

I realize I have not posted a recipe or meal in what seems like weeks. I do appologize, and expect that I have lost what few readers I had in the first place. It just happens to be one of those stretches in life where you do what you can to survive. Well... in lieu of food, I offer an article from Alternet.org that promotes the healing properties of those spices in our spice cabinets. If the fun of experimenting with preparing foods from around the world doesn't inspire you to play in the kitchen, do it for the potential benefits to your health and well-being.
Check out the article here.
More importantly - keep cooking!!!